Snap Off The "Pro"

Snap Off The "Pro"
Snap Off The "Pro"

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Snap Off The "Pro":


-Length: 60mm,

-The kit includes the snap off, a key alen and the necessary hardware to mount,

-Mounts between the hub and the steering wheel is aftermarket (you must have these 2 accessories for assembly),

-System of attachment on the steering wheel ent!proudly anodized aluminum cut in the mass for a weight gain once the wheel is removed, fluting, high-strength steel to avoid any game once clipped,

-Allows to remove quickly the steering wheel for easy access to the passenger compartment, ideal for vehicles arceautés, single seater, Lotus Elise/Exige etc...

-Once installed, you just have to pull on the snapp off for déccrocher the steering wheel,

-Anti-theft ideal,

-On the quasie all of the ruffles aftermarket (sparco, momo, omp, nardi, etc...)

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